Scrum Master, Product Owner coined as most promising jobs of 2019

Agile is taking the world by storm, and this shows in Linkedin’s most recent listing of their most promising jobs for 2019. Based on their data, both the roles of scrum master as well as product owner, both key positions in agile methodologies, took prominent places in their top-15 ranking, taking 10th and 5th place respectively. The ranking is created by grouping job titles from member profiles and job listings, then ranking each job using a weighted score based on salary, career advancement, the number of (US) job openings, year-over-year job growth in terms of job openings and widespread regional availability.

These are the (US-based) details for Scrum Master:

  • Median Base Salary: $103,000
  • Job Openings (YoY Growth): 2,000+ (67%)
  • Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 8
  • Top Skills: Scrum, Agile Methodologies, Software Development, Business Analysis, Software Development Lifecycle

And here’s the entry for Product Owner:

  • Median Base Salary: $101,000
  • Job Openings (YoY Growth): 1,100+ (87%)
  • Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 9
  • Top Skills: Business Analytics, Agile Methodologies, Business Process Improvement, Scrum