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About Projectworx

Projectworx is at the front lines of a dynamic and changing industry. To stay at the forefront, all our consultants are driven to deliver their expertise every single day. With such ambitions, Projectworx is committed to attracting and developing talent that will thrive in our fast-paced, growth-driven business environment. At Projectworx, every consultant contributes to building our portfolio.

What drives us

Destination: growth

We find motivation in sustainable growth: a passion for reaching new frontiers and the ambition to raise standards are the cornerstones of our day to day engagements.

Every contact is an opportunity. To learn, to discover, and to connect. Like our clients, our consultants come from all walks of life, from varying backgrounds and with different destinations ahead of them. But what connects them is a common ambition to achieve more with every contact made.

Personal development is a key element in your growth as a Projectworx consultant. Together with a dedicated mentor, we help you achieve personal as well as professional ambitions.

At Projectworx, we strive to make an impact every day. As a liaison between our clients and the world’s best project knowledge, we help drive project decisions, sharpen delivery planning and drive business value created.

We’re at an exciting stage in our growth, with an established business model, an expanding presence in key markets and with many opportunities ahead of us that will accelerate our growth. We’re seeking talented individuals that want to grow with us on our journey and join forces with us in building the Projectworx portfolio.

Become a project manager

Our culture

Mutual respect

At Projectworx, we embrace healthy mix of backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. Our consultants are driven by mutual values, a passion for success and the will to reach objectives as a team, helping each other to grow and learn. We navigate the highs and lows of business together.

Celebrating success

A healthy dose of competitiveness and pride go hand in hand, and we make a point of celebrating our successes. Annual office retreats, team outings or after-work drinks are a few of many opportunities you’ll have to relax and celebrate with like-minded colleagues.

Continuous growth

A universal commitment to growth, across the board, is what defines us. We all share a responsibility to improve, to learn, to adapt to changing realities. Together, we learn how we can better serve clients, tackle the big questions we’re faced with, and challenge the status quo to remain on the forefront of project consulting.

What we look for in talent

To succeed in a rapidly changing business context, talent requires more than credentials and certificates. Ideal candidates demonstrate specific character traits that align with the values of our company.


As a company, we have high ambitions – and as a consultant, so should you. We’re looking for individuals that challenge themselves and their surroundings, and embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, searching for new ways forward outside of their own comfort zone.


Results are measured in long-term outcomes, as well as short-term success. We strive to find a balance between the two, pragmatically aimed with the best interests of our clients in mind. The key to change is action, and by defining actionable solutions we aid our clients into achieving their desired results.


The world of project consultancy is changing at a rapid pace, and how we work will look very different in the future than how we work today. Not only do we guide and assist our clients into adopting this new way of working, we need to embrace these changes ourselves and handle this uncertainty and ambiguity with confidence and positivism.


Confidence and pride have their place, but so does humility when it comes to embracing a growth mindset. We are humble of our successes, of the experiences we get to share and of the learning we experience.

Emotional intelligence

We prioritize the bond that grows between our consultants and expect team members to display empathy and curiosity for each other’s backgrounds and experiences. By engaging with other individuals, we set ourselves up for a path of growth and learning.

Why join us

Make an impact every day

Projectworx works at the forefront of project delivery. With the project management profession evolving and maturing, our consultants are faced with an enormous opportunity to create an impact on how our clients of today will work, collaborate and achieve results tomorrow. From day one, our consultants are supported and driven to deliver best-in-class service, to create valued relationships with both other consultants as well as clients, to lead and take charge, to grow and to keep on growing. Together, these components are vital for successes achieved at Projectworx.

Work on something big

As a Projectworx consultant, you’ll be faced with the challenge of driving a result-driven project towards the finish line, accumulating business benefits and value for our end clients, working with a variety of technologies and business processes across a range of industries and sectors. Together with other consultants, you’ll shape how clients work, you’ll motivate, steer and facilitate project teams to perform at their best, and you’ll act as a catalyst for business success – not just today, but for an extended future as well.


A path towards leadership

Starting at Projectworx begins with the creation of your personal career path, aligned with your personal ambitions for growth and ambitions for the future. But growth doesn’t come easy, and requires hard work, development of character and a consistent demonstration of excellence. At Projectworx, we’ve got your back – we’ll provide you with all the opportunities, tools, training and coaching necessary to reach your goals and guide you along your path for growth.

Our favourite benefits


Opportunities to work and train at clients and partners abroad and go on offsite trips

Personal development

Opportunities to use part of your time for self-development

Team events

Bonding outside of the office for strong interpersonal relationships with your peers.


20 legal holidays each year + 12 additional days of leave based on a 40-hour work week


Best-in-class hospital insurance for you and your family.


Retirement contributions to save for a healthy pension.


Continuous growth inspired by conferences and training.

Immediate impact

The ability and expectation for you to contribute and enrich our company and help us grow towards the future.

Working for Projectworx

Projectworx is an emergent organization, with plenty of opportunity for initiative and self-development. We’re aiming to grow, and we’re looking for talent that can facilitate this growth.

Are you a talented individual with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a genuine interest in managing projects, delivering change and driving innovation? Then we might have a match. Please review our current vacancies below or send in your spontaneous application using our contact form. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Vacancies at Projectworx