Agile Transformations

Transform your organization – from “one day” to day one.

Agile methods have grown to be a comprehensive answer to the accelerating world of today. Creating value means allowing change in your software development processes, and responding appropriately.

Projectworx helps your organization define its new target operating model, create milestones along your path towards increased business agility, and trains your key stakeholders in agile development from both a business as well as an engineering perspective.

Organizational agility

The agile organizational shift is characterized by a new paradigm that focuses on delivering value frequently and early in the development process. As a benefit, obstacles will be detected sooner in the process and can be handled more efficiently.

The organizational shift includes remodeling the organization to better align with the new way of working. Business expertise representation is now needed in teams, which will require the creation of product owners, and organizational culture will need to strengthen within the organization to optimize value streams.

One of the biggest investments here will be related to the set-up of new disciplines such as DevOps and related capabilities which will require technical training and mentoring.

Team agility

For teams, the shift towards agility is characterized by continuous improvement of agile maturity. Coaching plays a big role in this, with agile coaches keeping a finger on the pulse for continued agile  adoption. Users will be transitions to agile wave by wave, with guidance adopted to their context within the organization.

Process-wise, teams will need to rethink their software development life cycle in response to the increased organizational agility.

Supporting the development life cycle is the definition of an agile tooling stack, aligning teams towards a uniform way
of working. Teams should continuously define and adopt best practices in using the tools. This ties in nicely with training, as end-users will need guidance to adopt their new agile toolkit.

Discover our agile transformation framework

Just like every explorer needs a compass, every organization needs a set of guiding rules along which to operate. For agile transformations, we have a set of principles of our own, which we bundled into our own agile transformation framework – not a methodology or a framework itself, but an approach for guiding organizations and partners through the changes needed to implement business agility. Together, we help your organization find its true North.

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