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We kindly invite you to review the list of vacancies to your right, and see if there are any positions matching both your experience as well as your ambitions for the future.

Before applying, it is advised to review our application process as depicted elsewhere on this page.

Our hiring process

The first step in getting hired is, of course, applying for a position. We kindly invite you to discover our vacancies on this page and submit your application in case a role aligns with your ambitions and strengths.

Upon receipt of your application, your resume will be vetted against the requirements and context of the role you applied for. Based on this, our recruiters make an initial selection of candidates that are eligible in terms of experience and skills.

Having passed the initial screening, you’ve entered the stage where we’d like to get to know you personally as a candidate. One of our recruiters will arrange a phone interview with you to discuss your profile more in-depth. This is also an opportunity for you to highlight specific elements from your career and ask questions, should they arise.

After all phone interviews with candidates have been conducted, the most promising candidates will be shortlisted. A careful selection is made based on the feedback collected during the phone interview.

All candidates on the shortlist will be invited for an on-site visit where they can further get acquainted with Projectworx and our clients.

After the on-site interview, all candidates will be matched against each other based on a variety of criteria. Assuming our recruiters reach a verdict, a final candidate will be selected for the role. He or she will be notified of the good news, and a formal offer will be made.

If no agreement is reached, the second candidate in line is contacted with an offer, and so on.

Frequently asked questions

What information should I include in my resume?

When reviewing your application, we want to learn about your accomplishments thus far, your strengths and background. Since our client-facing positions can be language-sensitive, we expect you to include your level of proficiency in English, Dutch and French.

Do you offer entry-level positions?

At the moment, we do not offer any entry-level positions due to the nature of our job openings and the leadership experience our current clients expect from candidates. 

Eventually, we would love to expand our portfolio towards ambitious entry-level candidates as well, and have great plans for this in the future. Stay tuned!

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