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Many organizations have now gained experience with agile, often through the adoption of scrum techniques – scrum is, after all, the most used agile approach at the moment. And scrum does a great job, focusing primarily on the team processes. But what should you do if you want to organize more than one agile team, and want to expand your horizon to include your entire organization in this progressive management mindset? The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) offers the solution. Just like scrum, SAFe® is currently the most popular methodology for organizations adopting agile at scale.

The Scaled Agile Framework® includes a well-thought-out integration of agile and lean practices with which you can implement extensive change programs with an impressive impact. The entire framework pays a lot of attention to both the business and the architecture aspects, and is based on the very core foundations of the agile way of working.

SAFe® Training Curriculum

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In-house training sessions allow us to tailor our training contents to your specific company context, within the bounds of the required course curriculum and with certification requirements kept in mind. As a closed event, courses can be scheduled according to your preferred timing requirements. In this case, the host will be expected to provide the venue and several prerequisites for the training, though our trainers are happy to help you prepare.

Your SAFe® trainer and implementation consultant

David Machiels is an experience project management consultant that helps organizations adopt agile practices. This includes guiding major organizations throughout their transition towards the SAFe framework. As a consultant, David has worked with clients from a variety of industries such as finance, public government, manufacturing and logistics. David is a certified Scaled Agile Program Consultant and qualified to teach and examine for all Scaling Agile training courses:

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